K&L Student Tool & Equipment Program

K&L Supply is proud to announce the K&L Student Tool & Equipment Program, or STEP for short. Here at K&L we understand the importance of investing into the future of the industry, and we believe the best way to do that, is to provide assistance to the future foundation of the industry and get their hands on the same quality tools & equipment that they'll see in their school. We are taking great strides into developing new tools & equipment everyday, and we could not do that without the students that are passionate and willing to take their first steps into the industry using K&L Genuine tools.

What is STEP?

STEP is K&L's formal introduction to providing students with discounted, quality products provided by K&L. Students get the same quality that all technicians in the industry can expect from K&L. What better way to step into the industry than having the tools from a classroom setting be carried over into their professional careers.

Who Is Eligible?

Any full-time students enrolled in an approved school program and are currently enrolled in technical courses that align with a future career path in the Automotive/Powersports industry are eligible for the STEP program.

What Tools & Equipment are available at Student Pricing?

All Tools & Equipment manufactured by K&L Supply Korea will be available to students at a discounted rate. A full list of eligible items will be available in the first quarter of 2024. For more information please contact K&L at (800) 727-6767.

How can a student place an order?

To place an order, please contact K&L Supply at (800) 727-6767 and provide your sales associate with proof of enrollment, i.e. Student ID or School Transcript.

How Can I Pay?

The Student Program is currently only accepting Debit Card & Credit Card for payment.


K&L can help you create a beautiful, bright, new future. 

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