Here’s an easy way to be ready for whatever wheel rolls in your shop. This new assortment includes Metal, Rubber and Aluminum tire valve stems along with our most popular styles of caps and cores. To order, use part# 32-7208.

Kit contains the following items:

  • JS430 Metal Stem, Straight, long.
  • PVR59A Metal Stem, 90º bend.
  • PVR70M Rubber Stem, 90º bend.
  • TR412 Rubber Stem.
  • TR413 Rubber Stem.
  • 8mm Aluminum Stem, 90º bend.
  • 8mm Aluminum Stem, Straight, long.
  • Metal Stem, Straight, long with Acorn cap
  • 10mm Aluminum Stem, Straight, long.
  • 10mm Aluminum Stem, 90º bend.
  • TV430 Metal Stem, Straight, short 14 & 16mm.
  • Chrome Valve Stem Caps.
  • Green plastic caps. (Denotes Nitrogen Fill)
  • Black Plastic replacement caps.
  • Valve Stem Cores #9000 short.
  • 4 in 1 Valve Stem Repair Tool.
  • SKU:  32-7208