The new Optimate PRO 8 is a highly versatile 6/12V battery-care center For up to 8 batteries at a time. Compatible with all lead-acid models, GEL, MF-AGM or conventional, the new Optimate PRO 8 can be used on starter batteries, as well as on industrial, motive or stationary-oriented types. Just connect up to 8 (even dissimilar) batteries, and these will be individually taken through Optimate’s widely acclaimed multi-stage program: Desulfation (if necessary), constant current bulk charge, verification, final test & limitless maintenance. Countless connection variations are possible, either enhancing charge current For larger batteries, or handling series-connected blocks, or both. Combinations up to 8A or 96V are possible. State-of-the-art diagnostics, charging, testing and recovery of otherwise “dead” batteries”, all in a single device. Features: • Charges up to 8 batteries at the same time. • For 6 and 12V batteries STD, AGM, Deep Cycle. • Automatically recovers deep-discharged batteries. • Battery test and self-discharge check. • Keeps batteries fully charged at all times. • Complies with California’s NEW Appliance Efficiency Program

  • SKU:  35-7997