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CycleDyn is a modular dynamometer system. By selecting appropriate modules for your needs, CycleDyn can be configured to match your test requirements exactly. The heart of the system is the base dynamometer enclosure; it and all modules are suitable for pit installation. The eddy current absorber module attaches to either side of the base dyno or to the secondary roll module. A secondary roll module attaches to either side of the base dyno and connects directly to the primary roll. The additional roll allows you to test small four-wheel vehicles such as Karts, ATVs and Legend cars. It simulates road-speed air.The handheld remote is the main interface with the CycleDyn. You take it with you when you mount the bike to start the test. It prompts you through the entire test. Everything from installing the bike on the dyno to viewing final test results can be accomplished with the handheld remote; you even use the handheld to calibrate the dyno. Contact K&L Supply for more detailed information on Superflow Dynos today.

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