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Infrared Industries Gas Analyzer System.

Tune-ups and testing go faster with the industry leading FGA4000XDS Gas Analyzer.
Check HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NOX plus AFR, Lambda and RPM's.
This mechanic's workhorse has all the following:

• Super-Bright Front Panel LED’s that are viewable from 20 feet away
• 1-second response time for accurate results
• Dual Exhaust Input allows averaging two tailpipe readings
• BAR90 Certified. Meets BAR97 specs, Aircare and OIML Class 1
• Alarms alert you to problems in the exhaust flow
• Internal data logging for recording and replay of test results
• Connects to PC for real-time testing and data capture
• Rugged, Compact, Portable. Internal Printer available.

37-9600 Infrared Industries Four Gas Analyzer System. (upgradeable to five gas)
37-9601 Replacement Filter for Four Gas Analyzer, Single Cup
37-9684 Replacement Filter for Four Gas Analyzer,, Dual Cup
37-4475 Fifth gas upgrade for NOX readings
37-4892 Inductive Tachometer Pickup for FGA4000

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