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K&L Supply is now your source for DYNOmite Dynamometers (by Land & Sea, Inc.). Land & Sea has been building dynos for over 20 years, and offers unparalleled after sale support and service. So easy to install you can have your DYNOmite Dynamometer up and running the day it arrives! out

Standard Motorcycle/ATV Dynamometers include:
16" x 50" machined traction grooved inertia roll assembly, structural steel formed frame, quick-adjust wheelbase front mount, dual steel ramps, vehicle tie downs, casters, roller guards, Eddy Current or water brake load control (with step-up drive), electronic torque arm transducer, automated load control, DYNOmite Pro data acquisition computer, DYNO-MAX 2000 software, inductive RPM pick-up, AC power supply/charger, stainless braided plumbing, and data wiring harness. (Optional trailering packages are also available.)

Lite Motorcycle only Dynamometer include:
16" x 25" inertia roll with machined traction grooves, quick-adjust wheelbase front mount, roll-on ramp, and tie downs,  DYNOmite-Lite data
acquisition computer, DYNO-MAX Lite software, AC power supply/charger, and data wiring harness.

When using the DYNOmite Motorcycle/ATV model with the water brake option, you can also test snowmobiles and PWC. Removing the water brake from the roller assembly allows fitting it to the crankshaft of most popular snowmobiles or pump housings of the PWCs allowing them to be tested. (PWCs may also require optional pump adapters) Call your K&L sales representative for more detailed information  and see what it can do for your dealership today!

37-8011 Lite Motorcycle / ATV Inertia Only Dyno
37-8013 Standard Motorcycle / ATV Inertia Only Dyno
37-8014 Standard Motorcycle / ATV Dyno
37-8015 Pro Motorcycle / ATV Dyno
37-8027 Standard Motorcycle / ATV Eddy Current Dyno 
37-8034 Formula SAE / Legends Dyno
37-8036 Pro Motorcycle / ATV Eddy Current Dyno
37-8050 Motorcycle Only Eddy Current Dyno
37-8051 Lite Motorcycle Inertia Only Dyno

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